biscuits for bread

Hello.  Apologies for my absence.  I am probably just going through that thing I always go through as a blogger, which is that things move strongly forward with great excitement for a certain introductory period, and then something pulls me away from the project and I have to really work to pull myself back.  It’s not because I’m not making things – I most certainly am, like homemade oreos and roo & stilton burgers and anything with coconut milk.

In the oven presently is the biggest thing I’ve ever baked, and I’m working with no recipe.  nice biscuits is my latest project, which sort of just started making itself before I had time to reign in its fantastical ideas and its proclivity for floral prints.  With any luck (and speed of bureaucracy, where ‘luck’ is a non-thing) I will be at a local farmers’ or craft market near you with my nice biscuits and my floral-print aprons and my puff n stuffs (which is what The Peach calls the cereal posted below).

I wasn’t really ever expecting to ‘start my own business’, particularly with this product, but I suppose after doing some commissions and upping my baking stamina by habitually doing it for 8 hours a day, it is something of a natural evolution.  I am in love with the marketplace and I can think of no better place to be at 6 am on a Saturday morning.  I am far too noncommittal to ever open a brick-and-mortar place of my own, nor do I have any resources to do so, so a gypsy bakery seems perfect (though having a proper gypsy cart would be even better, one with a hatchback and fold-down seats and an ability to make left-hand turns without the grinding sound made by my current urbanmobile).  It feels relatively low-risk and sure I’ll be in far over my head at the beginning but I think after the first market season I’ll get to the happy place.

So until then it’s mostly a matter of filling out forms and selecting all of the aesthetic and practical elements of the task.  It’s very lucky that I love to fill out forms – like I really get off on putting letters in boxes and on blank lines – because there’s one for everything.  Sometimes there are even two.  There’s a lot of scavenging involved in setting up a market stall, especially since I want most things to be second-hand.  If you know anyone with a tent / marquee, big old glass jars that might hold biscuits, a cake dome (or six), or a trestle table they’re looking to get rid of or loan, I’ve got treats to barter.  Also if anyone knows any local (Melbourne or just Australian) artists who do rubber stamps, I’d really like to give them some business, and I won’t even try to trade in cookies (not everyone sees them as currency).  I’ve got pretty much no capital, so I’m trying to make start-up as recycled as possible.  Oh, and if you know that your local food shop gets produce in those styrofoam boxes with lids, tell me where it is or grab them from their rubbish area in the cover of night!  Oh please oh please.

The process of setup makes me think about lots of things, like ownership / intellectual copyright of the recipe, the economy of the market and how that’s maintained (organised monopoly is often the rule, and that’s an interesting question for sustainable economy), dietary accessibility, and whether people are likely to buy six biscuits in a pretty bag.

Also, I think I might need a stand-alone freezer.  Any one have one taking up space in their shed?

So stay tuned, I’ll try to be updating more but I have a feeling it’s going to get worse before it gets better.  But in the meantime I’ll hopefully be creating a small living for myself.  I am taking Christmas orders at the moment, speak to me or wait for the website to go up (hopefully over the next 30 days) and buy things so that you don’t have to bake things.

Here’s what I’ve been making latley: Moreos!  They’re more than Oreos, or maybe actually less, my ingrediens list is much shorter than theirs and I don’t even know where to get Riboflavin.  The recipe, should you like to make them, is here (gluten-free here but I didn’t follow her exactly, email me if you want the mods).




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9 responses to “biscuits for bread

  1. With the rubber stamps to you need someone to design and make them or just make them? My dad may be able to do it or know of someone else who can.

  2. Just make. Eff Pan is helping me with the design. I believe it’s about 8.5 x 5.5 cm. Thanks for looking into that.

  3. Lady! I have marquees! Two different sizes… text me if you’re interested and I’ll rummage through all the junk I’ve got and find them and what actual sizes they are!

  4. Oh and those oreos are making me drool and my belly scream with lust.

  5. emma spekks

    I want moreo of those oreos, they were fine fine fine!

    You might want to put a plea out on the Melbourne Freecycle, it’s a worldwide concept where things get passed around the community for free. It operates as a Yahoo! group and you get an email a day with all sorts of things offered and sought after. You have to post an offer before you can put a request out, but it’s a lovely idea and I have got rid of the most random things that would have otherwise ended up in the bin!

  6. yeahbutnobutyeahbut

    My housemate has loads of those styrofoam boxes with lids, in 2 sizes. How many do you wants/needs?

    Market culture is the best, I used to do the Upper Gully market every week selling my jewelry, there is a very honest feeling to the money you make.


  7. Francis

    I have a collection of jars (Moccona Coffee) in an array of sizes.
    Used to store teas, herbs, spices and such but a shift and downsize necessitates finding them a new home / purpose in life.
    If you think they can help in some way in your new venture, happy to let you have them.

  8. @emma: Oh I have lived many a scint year of my life off the good graces of Freecycle, which sometimes means waiting a year to get what you’re looking for, but yeah that’s a good idea. I am actually going to try to make a few of the things that I can’t find, particularly mesh cake domes.

    @Francis: That’s lovely of you, I love those jars. A few may be of help, but where are you located? Not sure who put you on to me, but we may be on different continents!

    Thanks to everyone who’s offered stuff! The universe has been good to me on this one, I’ve been finding lovely things in hard rubbish and op shops, and been given a few gifts as well!

  9. Francis

    I arrived via one blog connecting to another site, connecting to another… random searching for inspiration and/or distraction. I stayed because I enjoy what you do, and then there was ‘mindful extravagance’.
    Though moving across Melbourne, I think my studio may have some proximity, plus I have transport.

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